The Community One Foundation provides grants for projects that enhance the development of the LGBTTIQQ2S communities in the Greater Toronto Area. Over 1,000 important and innovative community projects have been supported through the generous contributions of their donors.  We are humbled to present to you Christopher Nkambwe the 2020 Steinert & Fereirro award winner for the tremendous work among the LGBTIQ+ communities in the greater Toronto area. We are so proud for your efforts and we encourage the public to reach out for any support in regards to the LGBTIQ+ refugees and newcomers issues.

The Steinert & Ferreiro Award – a $10,000 prize that is Canada’s largest single cash award in recognition of LGBTQ+ leadership – was launched in 2005 through a bequest from the estates of Jonathan R. Steinert and Fernando Gumercindo Ferreiro.